Am I a candidate for a custom night guard?

YES, if...

  • You have frequent head/neck/shoulder tension
  • You have jaw pain and/or difficulty opening your mouth
  • You have tooth sensitivity
  • The edges of your teeth are chipped, cracked, or worn down
  • You were told by a dentist that you need one

NOTE: OTIS Custom Night Guards are for those with mild-moderate Bruxism. If you have multiple restorations, loose teeth and/or have pending dental treatment, we highly recommend that you consult a dentist before ordering an OTIS Custom Night Guard.

OTIS vs. OTC (over-the-counter)?

We live in a world of diverse lifestyles and diets that result in unique bruxing habits. OTIS custom fit night guards effectively protect against an individual's unique jaw and tooth stress — providing protection and relief throughout the night. Over-the-counter guards are made in a one-size-fits-all design with lesser quality materials. As a result, you're likely to wear down the guard in a few weeks and/or not be able to wear it throughout the night because of its uncomfortable fit.

OTIS vs. Dentists?

With OTIS you pay 70% less than what you'd pay at the dentist for the same quality dental products. OTIS offers custom night guards directly to you, so you never have to visit your dentist to get one.

Is the quality of your products the same as my dentist?

YES – we use the same quality materials and fabrication processes as other dental labs. The truth is, over 90% of dentists get their night guards made from dental labs, like ours.

When you purchase an OTIS product, you’re getting quality, convenience and affordability that is backed by a team of licensed dental professionals with over 70 years of combined experience in general dentistry, dental hygiene and engineering.

How do I know if I need an upper or lower night guard?

A majority of customers prefer an upper night guard because it sits more comfortably on the upper arch of teeth and won't get in the way of the tongue. However, a lower night guard may be best if any of your upper teeth are missing and/or, if you have pending dental treatment (e.g., crowns or implants). When in doubt, consult with a dentist first.

Can I use my dental insurance, FSA or HSA?

Yes - we do accept FSA and HSA payments!

For dental insurance reimbursements, we cannot submit claims directly. However, if you contact us at, we can send you a claim form that can be filled and mailed to your insurance provider along with your OTIS reciept. Just in case, contact your dental insurance providers to confirm coverage and reimbursement.

Do I have to wear my OTIS Night Guard every night?

You may not know this, but our teeth are always shifting, especially while we’re asleep. This is why it’s important to wear your night guard every night. Even if there are nights when you think it's not needed, wearing your night guard for just 30 minutes can help ensure it fits comfortably in your mouth when needed.

How do I take care of my OTIS product?

Always brush and floss before wearing your OTIS products. After use, rinse with warm water and let it air dry in the case. You can also clean your OTIS product with mild, unscented soap and warm water.


  • Do not use mouth rinse, toothpaste, or denture cleaner to clean your OTIS product.
  • Do not soak in hot water. Doing so may distort the fit of your OTIS product.

How long does the OTIS Night Guard last?

Everyone's bruxing habits are different, which is why night guards can last anywhere between 6 months to 5+years. If your OTIS Night Guard is prematurely cracked and/or damaged from “brux” wear within the 60-day warranty period, please contact us and we'll replace it free of charge. In order to receive a free replacement, the damaged product must be returned for inspection.

What if the night guard doesn’t fit properly?

This rarely happens... but if it does, email us at and we’ll figure out what happened and how to correct it.

What is your return policy?

Adjusting to your night guard may take 2-3 nights. But if you’re still unhappy, we offer a 60-day guarantee (minus lab fees).