We believe that dental products should be effective, accessible, good for you, and good for the earth. Unfortunately, many aren’t. We’re out to change this.

When it comes to our teeth, the dental industry has set the standard for the prices we expect, the level of inconvenience we tolerate, and the ingredients and materials used in our dental products. Dental products are inaccessible to many, sold at a huge markup, and not produced with the customer’s, or the planet’s, best interests in mind.

We’re creating a culture of transparency around oral care, with environmentally friendly products that work; products and tools that empower our fans with what they need to take control of their oral health.

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What People Are Saying About OTIS

  • "This was insanely easy! From the online order to the delivery of my night guard, the entire process was flawless. Thanks!"

    — Aiden P., Mountain View, CA

  • "I’m a mom of three and run my own business, so time is something I cannot waste. OTIS made it very easy to get the same kind of night guard as my dentist, but without any dental visits. It was also super comfy to wear, so I ordered one for my husband too!"

    — Meana L., San Francisco, CA

  • "My job puts me under a lot of stress. I’ve gone through several night guards that cost me $500 each. At $149, I was able to get one for home use, and an extra one while traveling for work… and still save money! It’s been such a lifesaver – preventing further tooth wear and jaw pain. It’s been two weeks and I can’t sleep without it."

    — Sarah S., Washington D.C.

  • "I’ve been grinding my teeth since I was teenager and those over-the-counter guards never worked. I really like the OTIS guard because I can sleep with it on the entire night, and I haven’t had any tooth sensitivity for a while now, which is awesome! They accept FSA, so that was a bonus!"

    — Alex T., Los Angeles, CA

  • "Thanks, OTIS, for sending me a lovely new night guard so promptly! The fitting was super-easy: I just followed the included instructions (although I did have to try again after waiting slightly too long with the putty the first time—good thing they sent two). Less than two weeks later, I received a shiny new night guard that fits as well as any I’ve gotten from a dentist! I’m so excited to be able to finally get rid of my disgusting old one. I will happily use OTIS again next time!"

    — Daisie H., Canada

  • "Taking the impression for the mouth guard was super easy, and I was really impressed with how quickly I got the finished mouth guard back. It fits perfectly and has helped a lot with my nightly teeth grinding."

    — Brendan C., Chicago, IL


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